Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pottery Barn Opening: Lincoln Park

Thursday, February 4, 2010:
A couple weeks back I received an exciting email from Melissa Maynard, the editor-in-chief of Factio Magazine, inviting me to join her for the upcoming Pottery Barn Opening. As a big fan of Factio, I was instantly flattered and immediately RSVP'ed for myself and a few friends. On the eve of the opening, I assembled a group of my best buds, picked out a bowtie, and began my travels over to the event. Upon entering the sprawling new 15,000 square-foot space, we were greeted with smiling attendants who took our coats and sent us off on our Pottery Barn adventure. Sounds of a live jazz band (see: Stitley) could be heard throughout the space as we passed tables of gorgeous food and grabbed a glass of white wine from the upbeat servers.
Before attending the event, I had made a mental list of people I wanted to see. First on my list, was my good friend and mentor, Susanna Negovan of Michigan Avenue Magazine. I spotted her immediately, standing out from the crowd in a beautiful red dress with that "editor-in-chief glow". She was speaking with the fabulous Grace Wahler, Michigan Avenue Magazine Account Executive and Grace's charming beau, Zack Napolitano. I quickly made my way over to say hello and fill them all in on life after interning. One down on my list--two to go.

Christina Mighty, R.M.B., Grace Wahler, & Zack Napolitano
(Photo from: ChicagoNow: Candid Candace...see the full story HERE!)
While speaking with Susanna and friends over sips of white wine, I spotted the lovely Candace Jordan (Speaker, Model, Blogger, Chicago Socialite), who was next on my list. She greeted me with a big hug and I posed with friends in a picture for her blog. As the night rolled on, I was having trouble locating the last (but so not least) name on my list, Melissa Maynard, who had invited me to the event. Candace quickly came to my rescue and we went on a Pottery Barn search to find her! After looking unsuccessfully, we gave up, which really gave me a chance to get a good look at the store. Around every corner was something more visually beautiful than the next. The size of the store is really quite unbelievable and the selection is just as amazing. Candles, bedding, silverware, mirrors, glassware, drapery--you name it--they have it!
As I was grabbing a few photos of the store details I was stopped by two fabulous women, Leigh Oshirak and Michaela Wilkinson, who asked if I was "the blogger guy" they had heard about. I figured the answer was "yes, I am" and I responded as such. They had said that they had heard so much about me and were delighted to have me join them at the event. I was floored with excitement (though still unaware of who they were) until the story came to light. They were the public relations masters for the Pottery Barn and had gotten word of my attendance from my missing link of the night, Melissa Maynard! We chatted for a few and I admitted to them that I was on a search to find Melissa, only to learn that she had left only 30 minutes ago. *insert foot stomp and "grrrr"* I had just missed her!
My 'search partner', Candace Jordan and myself:
I gathered my buds and we grabbed a final glass of wine while devouring the plates of deserts that kept walking past us full of soft caramel, salted chocolate truffles, and other ridiculously tasty treats. I walked over to set my glass down at the bar (which was clearly closing at this point), turned around, and just about screamed out loud (okay, so it's very likely that I did scream out loud). There, standing behind me, was the one and only, Melissa Maynard! (She had snuck away for a moment but returned to the party just in time.) Success! We chatted for a while about her work, the magazine, and our school (Melissa also attended the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago and had actually created Factio Magazine with her husband, Henrique Kerch (CEO of Factio and also an ILIAC alum), as one of their final projects!) We grabbed a quick photo together and I joined my friends at the door, who were waiting with my coat and a "what were you doing?!" (I quickly told them I had finally found Melissa and they quickly understood.) We threw on our coats, thanked the same smiling faces at the door, and headed out into the cold Chicago evening. As I walked away from the Pottery Barn, I smiled to myself as I mentally crossed the last name off my list...

I found her! My new friend, Melissa Maynard and I:
Good friends: Candice Purnell (Mayor's Office of Special Events),
Paige Peterson (The HAUTE Spot),
& Maureen Refvem (Chicago Men's Style Examiner for Examiner.com)

Christina Mighty (Chicago Model, Stylist, and good friend...)Yours Truly!The fabulous Monica Dimperio (Founder/Editor-in-Chief of The Midwasteland),
Christina Mighty (Chicago Model/Stylist),
& Lisa Frame (Leo Burnett Account Executive)


The Spork Project said...

love it! Such a fun night! Great meeting you!

Ryan M. Beshel said...

So glad you like it! Was great meeting you too!