Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"The Luxe Life" at Lumen: A Great Success!

Saturday, February 20, 2010:
I arrived at Lumen around 8:45p.m. to prepare for the DNA 2050 fashion show and found my friend, Michael Taxy, the club manager of the evening. Taxy, as he is called around Lumen, is always a stellar guy to work with (and one of the sharpest dressers I have met in quite a while). He never misses a beat and always makes sure you're well taken care of. I listened in on the Lumen staff meeting while I awaited the arrival of Shaun Hargrove (Assistant Store Director of DNA 2050) and her team. Taxy motivated his staff and filled them in on the night ahead. "Tonight we have the cast from The Jersey Shore, so get ready!", he joked. (The night before, the Jersey Shore boys were in and from what I heard--it was a totally insane night. A night the staff wouldn't want to repeat so quickly after it was done with.) "Come on--it's a joke!", he exclaimed as the staff forced a laugh and he continued to fill them in on the evening ahead. "DNA 2050 will present a fashion show later in the evening...and Ryan here", he said while pointing to me standing nervously in a bowtie and tux tails, "will be putting on the show for us tonight." As nervous as I was, I thought to myself: "I could definitely get used to hearing that."

Once Shaun arrived and I knew the garments were set to go, the nervousness turned into excitement. We got set-up backstage for hair and make-up, went over a few things, and I awaited the arrival of the Factor Models. The females arrived first (at 10p.m.) for quick hair and make-up and the boys began rolling in at 11p.m. Shaun and her team from DNA 2050 really were the stars of the night. Shaun was the Stylist for the show, choosing the looks, the make-up, and the order of the show, leaving me as the Production Liaison between Lumen, Factor Models, and DNA 2050. I handled coordinating the details of the show weeks before we ever stepped foot into the venue for 'The Luxe Life' event.
Backstage at "The Luxe Life" show...
Now, here we were. Ten minutes 'til the show, scribbling mock-ups of the stage on a piece of paper, while giving runway orders to my beautiful models. "If you don't understand your order--tell me now!", I yelled. It seems we were as ready as we could be. The bouncer (who was really sweet, despite his deceivingly enormous build and towering height) popped his head in and said, "You ready??" I replied with a "yes" and then we were off to our posts. I stood at the end of the runway so I could see the models as they walked down and around. My savior of the night, Julie Darling, stood closer to backstage with the models so her and I could communicate via hand signals as I called the order. Shaun Hargrove and her fantastic staff ran the backstage madness as the show rolled on.
Backstage madness (and my very detailed stage diagram...ha!):
The music calmed and our host of the night, Victoria's Secret Model, Jamielee Darley, spoke to the (well-dressed and very drunk) crowd and announced our sponsors. In an instant, the spotlights hit, the music jumped, and I called my first model down the runway. The show was over in a flash, with a daring display of denim shown to the over-packed club. The Factor Models were champions--all showing up on time, keeping a smile (or a real fierce glance) throughout, and making the very best of an un-rehearsed show. Thank you, Factor (and Bridget Halanski!)
Adam Flock, Bridget Halanski, & R.M.B.:
R.M.B. & Victoria's Secret Model, Jamielee Darley:
After the last looks left the runway, we ran back stage to do a lot of clapping and tons of thanking. The entire experience was amazing and I learned a ton from every email, new relationship, and meeting I came across. Many thanks to Michael Taxy, Alison Richmond, Shaun Hargrove, Danny Miller, Bridget Halanski, Lubna Hassan, Jamielee Darley, Julie Darling, and all my amazing friends who showed up to support me Saturday. Each one of you made this an exciting experience and I hope to have the chance to work with Lumen, Factor Models, and DNA 2050 again real soon.
All the fabulous Factor Models, right after the show:
Cheers to a successful event for The Bowtie Memoirs and a fun night at Lumen!




P.s. While I was a bit too busy to take runway photos, caught some good ones! To see them and read the write-up, please click HERE.
Myself with my partner-in-crime and dear friend, Julie Darling:
Some of my favorites:
Lubna Hassan (Factio Magazine) & Jamielee Darley (Victoria's Secret):

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