Monday, February 15, 2010

Obsessions of the Bowtie: DNA 2050

Monday, February 15, 2010:
FACT: There is nothing better than finding the perfect pair of jeans: the look that complements your style, the brand that makes you feel like a million bucks, and the fit that shows off all your assets. (All puns intended.) So, when I found a shop to satisfy my need for the blues, it was only fair that I share it with my friends. Which brings me now to my new "Obsession of the Bowtie": DNA 2050. This one-stop-shop for a killer selection of denim is a must for anyone who feels the same as I do about finding the right threads to slip into. (Not to mention a gorgeous staff to help you make the right choices.) The dazzling duo, Danny Miller (Store Director) and Shaun Hargrove (Assistant Store Director), take great pride in what they do--and they know their denim. I had a chance to speak with the two of them about DNA 2050 to get the real deal on this new addition to the popular 900 Shops Mall (900 North Michigan Avenue). Here are some things they told me you needed to know:

"Offering a unique and contemporary way to shop for your favorite pair of jeans, DNA 2050 is the shop for the ultimate denim fit, style, and trend. This is not your typical denim bar, with a concept designed to be progressive yet practical. Inside the shop, the selection of denim represents today's rising stars in the denim world. The mix of brands provides an assortment to cater to denim aficionados with the perfect fit for everyone, making DNA 2050 the ultimate denim destination in every market we enter." (Clearly, I agree.)
After taking a look myself, I can confidently tell you that the selection is evocative and expressive. But there's more than just jeans in this hot-shop! The collections that complement the denim represent the latest trends seen on the streets for both men and women. Alongside stacks of beautiful blues (and grays and blacks, etc.) you can grab a sharp blazer, a great woven shirt, and a handsome leather bag to complete your look. (It's obvious that DNA 2050 stays on the pulse of all the new names in ready-to-wear fashion.) The combination of the labels in the store provide an assortment created to arouse and express your individuality.
Whether you're a boyfriend-cut girl or a skinny-jeans-loving boy, DNA 2050 has something for you. With over thirty brands of carefully edited premium designer denim and a stunning selection of other fine garments and won't leave the store empty-handed. (A little bird also told me that Danny is leaving Chicago this week to hand-pick tons of new merchandise.) So, my friends: what are you waiting for?! Now that you have the facts, get your assets over to DNA 2050 and say hello to my friends, Danny and Shaun...


Shaun Hargrove (Assistant Store Director) & Danny Miller (Store Director):
Some of the brands to get your hands on:
Ohmigod: SHOES.
Accessories? Yes, please.
Ladies: How 'bout a little bling on your blazer?
They've got it all...
Drop in and say hello...
Tell them Ryan from The Bowtie Memoirs sent you!

DNA 2050 the 900 Shops...
Phone: (312) 944-0040
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 12pm-6pm

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