Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Thursday, June 17, 2010:
Recently, I had the honor of being profiled for a feature story put together by Meghan Turner, editor-in-chief of Chicago style and event blog, Style Admirer: Chicago.  Click on the link below to have a look at the full story!

Many thanks to Meghan and her continuous (and fabulous) coverage of Chicago style.  Her blog is entertaining, informative - and incredibly stylish.  The Bowtie Memoirs loves Style Admirer: Chicago!




Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obsessions of the Bowtie: Gap 1969 Jeans Shop

Wednesday, June 16, 2010:
If you've taken a stroll down Chicago's lively Rush Street lately, you may have noticed a new resident to hit the retailing scene.  Enter:  the 1969 Jean Shop, brought to our fine city by power retailer, Gap Inc.  This 1969 shop is only the second Gap concept store to hit the nation.  (Lucky us!)  The first concept opened last August in San Fransisco, right along with the launch of the newly improved 1969 denim line.  According to my 'denim insider' at the shop, there is an actual "second store" in Soho - however, it's not considered a true concept store due to the outfitted Gap store located on the 2nd floor of the building.  (But, who's counting?)
The original Gap opened it's doors in 1969, born with a vision to offer affordable, fashionable denim outfitter with a consumer-centric custom service style.  To celebrate the birth of the retailer, Gap introduced a stellar line of denim fittingly called the 1969 collection.  Just after one year of selling the new line, Gap decided to introduce boutiques and spread the word about these amazing jeans.  With the new location on Rush, 1969 is able to compete against high end denim outfitters in the area with prices that are literally half of designer denim (most under $100!), and of the same quality. 
In order to stand apart from a typical Gap,  1969 does not provide the customer with an discount, promotion, or sale on any of their merchandise.  A majority of the merchandise is the same as a typical Gap store, however, the 1969 shops receive merchandise weeks before the others - and in denim washes exclusive to their shops.  1969 also carries third party merchandise with exclusive ties with What Goes Around Comes Around, a vintage belt wholesaler based out of New York and L.A.
I had a chance to snoop around this new shop and was excited with the selection of denim and other garments to complete any look.  The service was exceptional and the denim pros I spoke with really were experts.  I love the fact that the 1969 Jean Shop also reaches out to other vendors to offer eccentric finds to complement their selection of denim.  This concept seems to be a fresh idea that I'm loving - big name retailers breaking off from their mega stores to offer an edited selection, alongside some really special boutique-like items.   The fits are great, the washes are perfect, and the service is exceptional.  What more could you ask for?  Get in there today and make 1969 your new obsession.


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Rush Street Loves... The Bowtie Memoirs!
1969 on Rush Street:
Gap 1969 Jeans Shop
939 Rush Street 
Chicago, IL 60611

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Bowtie is Back!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010:
Hello again to you all! First, let me apologize for neglecting you and my beloved Bowtie Memoirs for so long. Things have been quite busy in my world, which is why I'd like to take a minute today and fill you in on all the happenings this past month or so. As you may know, I have been on the job search since I completed college in December. This journey has kept me quite busy and blogging, as well as attending events, had unfortunately taken a back seat during this process.

In April, I took a great internship at The 900 Shops to gain experience in marketing and broaden my skills. I worked under the amazing Sarah Burrows, Marketing Manager, assisting her in daily tasks and promotions, as well as handling the social media for The Shops. I worked the internship until the end of May, when a great opportunity came my way...

My dear friend and mentor, Julie Darling, passed along a job lead to me just before I left my internship. The position was to assist the Fashion & Beauty Director, Marie P. Anderson, at a modeling agency called Agency Galatea. I met with Marie, Alexis McGraw (Marie's assistant/fashion booker) and Katherine Tenerowicz (the Director of G&J Models), and knew right away that I could fit right in. A few days later (and some relevant negotiations), I got 'the call' and was offered the position!

I now officially work for Marie P. Anderson, an International Model Agent and Scout, former fashion model, modeling industry expert, public speaker and educator with over 30 years of professional experience - (not to mention, she discovered THE Cindy Crawford). In my new position, I assist in the daily management of models, their marketing materials such as comps/portfolios, help coordinate photo shoots and runway shows, and procure print work for any given talent. I also manage the website updates and online portfolios, while working to establish a strong presence for the brand using social media. My focus for the future is to assist in increasing business and to grow with the company as they forge ahead.

To get you up to speed: Agency Galatea is a division of Grossman & Jack Talent, an agency that has represented actors and voice-over talent in Chicago for many years now. Katherine Tenerowicz, whom I mentioned above, runs G&J Models, a division that represents commercial and lifestyle models. These three entities all work together, as well as individually, all under one roof. Needless to say, there is never a lack of creativity and controlled chaos in the office - which is perfect for me! I already feel right at home with the team and can't wait to learn more about the industry as I move forward with the agency. The office is moving to a new location in July, which will make for an exciting new beginning for the entire team.

So, my friends - that is what I have been up to all this time! Moving forward, I already have collected some photos for some great posts coming up. Also, keep an eye out for a fantastic feature and photoshoot on me and my blog, which will be posted on the Chicago style site, Style Admirer. Many thanks to Meghan Turner, the editor-in-chief of Style Admirer, who reached out to me to be included. It's truly an honor. I hope all is well with you, my friends and readers. Looks like summer in the city has begun - and it's looking to be the perfect time for new beginnings!

Thank you for reading, and keep an eye out for more very soon!
(I promise.)

Truly and gratefully,