Thursday, April 22, 2010

Child Cause: Red Gala

Friday, April 16, 2010:
This past Friday, I had the honor of volunteering with my roommate John Clock at the Red Gala, benefiting Child Cause. Upon arriving at Griffin Lounge, where the event was held, the theme of the night was reflected in the scarlet curtains that adorn the entrance and interior of this Chicago hot spot. The event, which raised money for teens affected by AIDS and substance abuse, was produced by the fantastic Justin Jacobson of Platinum Events and Stephanie Castagnier, the founder of Child Cause.
Stephanie Castagnier & Justin Jacobson:
John and I photographed the incoming crowd and mingled with the philanthropic guests who showed up to support the Child Cause team. Towards the end of the night, Stephanie shared her past struggles and present successes that have driven the passion she has for helping children affected by AIDS and substance abuse. It was truly touching to hear her speak so candidly about her past and the path she has taken that led her to the creation of Child Cause. After we all got to know her a bit better, Paris Delane performed for the onlooking crowd. He belted out some great songs and was followed by the talented Platinum Dancers who tore up the dance floor as only they know how.

Paris Delane:
The event raised enough money to help many deserving children and I was incredibly pleased to have been a part of it. I urge you to have a look at the Child Cause website and give your time or money to help this great charity. It's something that doesn't happen as often as it should and I commend everyone that showed up on Friday to open their hearts and wallets to help others in need. The work that Stephanie does is truly remarkable, and from my own experiences I can tell you that giving time to help others is simply one of the best feelings there is.

Here's to many, many more!


Child Cause Volunteers:
Jillian Harris & Ed Swiderski (The Bachelorette):Jill, Justin Jacobson & Tiffany Pennington:
Robbie Martin & Erin Brown:Stephanie Castagnier & Paris Delane:
Anastasia Bullinger, Ryan M. Beshel & Stephanie Castagnier:
Jane Granner & Tyler Lennox Bush:
Stephanie Castagnier & Trina Hayes:
Jim Smith & Penny Cruz:
Larry Ulanski, Stephanie Castagnier & Victoria Butcko:
Justin Jacobson & The Platinum Dancers:
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