Friday, February 12, 2010

C/FAN Fall 2010 Fashion Preview at Dubhe Carreno Gallery

Thursday, February 11, 2010:
Earlier this year, I attended the Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion Runway Show in Millennium Park and fell in love with a certain collection as it glided down the runway. The looks were strong, beautiful, and smart--just like the designer (who I later had the pleasure of meeting). The mind behind this brand, known as C/FAN, is none other than the fabulous Christina Fan. When we met months ago, we instantly hit it off. She was a carefree, fun-loving young woman with a drive to succeed (not to mention, she's strikingly beautiful). Soon, Christina became more than the hottest emerging designer on the Chicago scene, she became a friend.
Christina Fan (Designer of C/FAN), R.M.B.,
Chelsea Lavin (Publicist for @superfun)
Last night, I was honored at the chance to join her and other fashion fans for her C/FAN Fall 2010 Fashion Preview at Dubhe Carreno Gallery, featuring sculptures by renowned artist Anne Drew Potter, and sponsored by Gen Art. The guest list was impressive, with a full range of Chicago's fashion elite showing up to support Christina including Barbara Glass (Image & Wardrobe Consultant, Speaker, Blogger, Student Mentor), Tracey Tarantino (Producer/Owner of Zzazz Productions), Monica Dimperio (Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Midwasteland), Kevin Aeh (Editor for Time Out Chicago), Meghan H. Turner (Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, Chelsea Lavin (Publicist for @superfun), and the one and only, Melissa Gamble (Director of Fashion Arts & Events for the Department of Cultural Affairs). The event began with a cocktail reception at 7p.m. and the gallery quickly filled up with Chicago's most stylish. We anxiously awaited the fashion installation, which began around 8:30p.m. (Give or take a few minutes).
Tracey Tarantino (Producer/Owner of Zzazz Productions),
Shaya Ali (Factor Models),
& Barbara Glass (Image & Wardrobe Consultant,
Speaker, Blogger, Student Mentor),
Factor Model in C/FAN Design
Sculpture by Anne Drew Potter
The resulting show was worth the wait, as C/FAN designs began to emerge in groups of three. Rather than walking a runway, the models stepped out and then stood in place so onlookers could catch a thorough glance of the new garments. (After all, that's really the point of a fashion show, isn't it?) This style of show was different from others I've attended in the past. It was great to have an opportunity to really study the designs, rather than trying to catch the details in a matter of seconds, only to watch the models disappear before you're able to grasp the concept of a garment. The resulting installation was a breath of fresh (spring) air with a fabulous palette of brilliant grays, mossy greens, and rich plum shades. The garments showed off easy fits and thoughtful cuts with a range of soft silk, flowing wool, and regal velvet. Christina's designs are what every woman desires: garments that shift seamlessly from work to play, with a keen attention to detail, and smart style. (Trust me, ladies: Your wardrobe will thank you.)
C/FAN Designs:
Many thanks to Christina Fan for inviting me to view her collection and to my good friends who joined me for such a fantastic evening. The continued success of C/FAN is inevitable and I'm excited to watch Christina evolve and thrive as a talented designer. Cheers to many more fabulous shows in the future and to Christina's continued success in Chicago...

I think it's pretty clear:
I'm a C/FAN!

Christina Fan (Designer of C/FAN)
Shaya Ali (Factor Models)
We made it to the Dubhe Carreno Gallery!
R.M.B & Maureen Refvem (Chicago Men's Style Examiner for lovely and beautiful Brianna Frederick
(Good friend and Gen Art Intern--congrats on your last event, Bri!)
Factor Models in C/FAN Designs
Joan Kittredge (Fashion Student at ILIAC),
Christina Mighty (Chicago Model & Stylist),

& Maureen Refvem (Chicago Men's Style Examiner for
Factor Models in C/FAN DesignsLONG LIVE MCQUEEN!
Chelsey Carter (Chicago Model & Designer of Alex Carter)
Factor Models in C/FAN DesignsChelsey Carter (Chicago Model & Designer of Alex Carter),
Christina Mighty (Chicago Model & Stylist),
Monica Dimperio (Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Midwasteland)

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