Monday, February 1, 2010

The Goorin Bros. Hat Shop Grand Opening Event

Saturday, January 30, 2010:
Chicago's Bucktown welcomed the Goorin Bros. Hat Shop to 1533 North Milwaukee Avenue at its Grand Opening this Saturday. The event was a success, boasting a full house of stylish party-goers sipping on complimentary cocktails, listening to the sounds of the three-piece band, all while perusing over the eclectic selection of hats and headware. I attended the Grand Opening to show my support for friend and Store Manager of the Goorin Shop, Mr. Drew Dallas Deardorff. It was such a treat to see him (and his big smile) as he bopped around the room to welcome the guests that came out to show their love for this new Chicago boutique.

R.M.B. & Goorin Bros. Store Manager, Drew Dallas Deardorff:

The store is truly a work of art, with stylish touches that, at first glance, can easily be missed. The eccentric details are everywhere, though these subtle hints of visual charm only seem noticeable after taking time for a closer look. Goorin-branded hat boxes line the top of the tall, rich wooden shelves and playful displays of unexpected old finds seem to whisper to you stories of a time long ago. A Goorin Bros. design truly represents many generations of hat-making perfection, with quality that is well worth the money.
The Goorin Brothers story began "on cobblestone streets of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania when founder Cassel Goorin sold his first hat off a horse cart in 1895." From then until now, a rich heritage of hat-making has followed and the Goorin history continues today on Chicago's Milwaukee Avenue.

The opening of this new Bucktown location, puts the number of shops at only eight across the country. Today, the brand lives on as Cassel's great-grandson, Ben Goorin now leads the Goorin Bros. Hat Shop with an eye to the future. Special thanks to my friend Drew Dallas Deardorff for inviting us to experience the old world ambiance of this fantastic new Chicago shop. This is a boutique not to be missed on your stroll down Milwaukee. Be sure to stop in and say hello to Drew while you take in the rich history and visual delight that the store has to offer. After all, while you'll definitely leave Goorin Bros. with a fantastic hat, you might also leave with a great story...

Such a great night, such a beautiful store...




Mon-Sat: 11am - 7pm
Sundays: 12pm - 6pm

1533 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago , IL


Drew Dallas Deardorff:

Maureen Refvem (Chicago Men's Style Examiner, & Paige Peterson (Stylist, The HAUTE Spot)...below:

R.M.B. & Paige Peterson (Stylist, The HAUTE Spot)...below:

Alexi Polomarkakis & Jessica Ozer: Goorin Employees (below):
It's not a party until the Cotton Candy guy shows up!
A view from the outside in...Goorin Bros. Hat Shop:


Anonymous said...

From a guy that only looks at pictures, you've got some pretty cool shots. Keep up the great work buddy, we're proud of ya!!

Uncle Mike

Abby said...

Oh yay!! My two favorite boys, Ryan & Drew... I wish I could of been there... But I cant wait to shop at Goorin Bros. soon because I love me some gorgeous hats!!!
Much love and kisses - Abigail (Productions Coordinator,ZZAZZ Productions)