Thursday, November 26, 2009

30 Floors: UP

Wednesday, November 25, 2009:
The day began like any other at the Michigan Avenue Magazine office. I got in before anyone else arrived to share a "good morning" over the sounds of keyboards and phone calls. I love being the first one at the office. There's something enchanting about walking into a room untouched from the bustling day before. Almost immediately, the stories of the office come alive as I pass layouts to be edited, glossy stacks of current issues and computer screens with email inboxes full of waiting questions. Yes, it was a day like any other, but the conclusion would prove to be much different than the ones before...

It was my last day as an intern at Michigan Avenue Magazine.

As I sat at my desk answering the questions on my screen, the Michigan Avenue team began to arrive. It was the day before Thanksgiving, so it wasn't the full house I've become accustomed to. Editor-in-chief Susanna Negovan arrived and came over to chat with me about our time together. In just two and a half months I have learned so many things about the inner workings of a luxury magazine and many more lessons about myself along the way. Together we laughed and talked about some of the experiences and she shared her thoughts about my performance and my future career aspirations.

The Michigan Avenue Magazine lobby:

Though it was a calm day, there was still plenty to be done (magazines don't write themselves!) I worked with Susanna to complete a project for an upcoming issue, had lunch, took down my "inspiration wall" and it was almost time to go. As I sat at my desk, I recalled the experience that I have had over the course of my internship. In such a short time I have learned so much about myself and have met some of the smartest, most hard working, dedicated and influential people I have ever come across (and they're gorgeous to boot!)

Never a bad view from the conference room:

As I write this now, only an hour after arriving home from Thanksgiving dinner, I realize that I have so much to be thankful for. To the many people I have met along the way who have continued to support me on my journey, I thank you. To my family that has stuck by me when I didn't know who I was or where life was taking me, I thank you. To the many true friends that humble me and keep me laughing through it all, I thank you. To the people I have had the honor of working with at Michigan Avenue, while growing and learning more about myself and the city I love, I thank you.

As I sign off for now, I am left feeling nostalgic about the past, yet optimistic about the journey that begins after graduation. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. My time at Michigan Avenue Magazine may be done for now, but there is so much more ahead.

Watch out "real" world.

Here I come.



Lynne Jordan said...

Beautiful!! Happy thanksgiving Sweetie!!
Such a kind spirit can't help but have a bright future!

Ryan M. Beshel said...

So sweet of you Lynne!
Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


Your Perfect Dress-Bridal Stylist said...

Tears, they just won't stop! I am soooo proud of you damn-it! Can't even see the typewriter, to many tears. OK, I have to go get a tissue.

Ryan M. Beshel said...

I owe so much to you.
In repayment, I will take everything you taught me and pass it on.
That way, more and more people can learn from such a sensational individual.

Time to change the world!

Love you so much Mo!


Richard P said...

Ryan, good luck as your journey into tomorrow moves to its next phase. My observations of you, both in and out of class, confirm that these words from Abraham Lincoln describe your commitment to excellence. “I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.” Warm Regards, Richard P

Tenisha Anderson said...

Love this posting Ryan!!! I'm sure Michigan Avenue Magazine knows very well how much of a talent you are. Your future is so so bright! Happy Thanksgiving!
xx Tenisha

kiki1038 said...

I'm going to miss you, love! Take care, good luck, and most of all, keep in touch :)

Ryan M. Beshel said...

Mr.P: Such kind, kind words. I just about cried when i read this comment. Thank you so much!

Tenisha: You're too sweet! Thanks for reading!

Kiki: Thanks love! I'll mot likely be back for a day or two a week, but for now, i need a break to finish school. Keep in touch? DUH!


Anonymous said...


This is a wonderful finale to your debut at Michigan Avenue Magazine. I am certain we will be seeing you in many more exciting 'presentations'!
Best wishes for continued success
Tracey & the ZZAZZ team

Sandy said...

Ryan, Dad and I are so proud of you. What you wrote and how you wrote it is amazing. You are awesome at what you do. I can't wait to see what you will do after you graduate. Now I need to go fix my mascara. I should not have read this at work! Love Sandy

Ryan M. Beshel said...

Thank you so much for the kind words. You all have helped in my journey and I can't thank you enough for the good times we have had together. Cheers to many more!


Ryan M. Beshel said...


Thanks for the comment, I am so happy to have the support of my friends and family. Sorry I brought you to tears! It was an emotional day for me as well. :)

Love you and Dad tons!
Almost done!