Thursday, November 5, 2009

And so it begins..

Hello friends!

As I come closer and closer to graduation, life gets more and more exciting. I thank all of you who have been so wonderful and supportive of me through this time. As I move forward and document my path through pictures or posts (on Facebook), I have gotten requests from so many fantastic individuals saying that I should start a blog.

Well, my friends, I have taken you up on that offer!

Follow me here as I continue to move forward into 'the unknown' and share with you the events, the opportunities, the interviews, the laughter, the pain, the successes, the failures, the excitement, the love, the friendship and the dreams coming true at every turn.

All while wearing a bowtie...

Enjoy the ride..


**photo taken by the talented Steve Starr:


Anonymous said...


Ryan M. Beshel said...

Hi Mama!


Auggie B. said...

Hey Ryan!

Just wanted to drop a line and say, I am proud of you. Keep up the dedicated work ethic...Keep me in your rolodex as I will do the same.


Ryan M. Beshel said...

Thanks so much!
Do keep in touch, my friend.. :)