Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago's Honors Achievement Luncheon

The view from the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: The administrators and faculty representatives from the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago held a luncheon to honor students who have successfully maintained a GPA of 3.5/4.0, or higher, for four or more consecutive quarters. I was honored to have been invited to the event, held at Rumba on 351 West Hubbard Street, and was happy to be joined by many of my fellow students. I arrived at the restaurant around noon, checked in and found a swanky seat next to friend and fellow student, Sherry Roath. We were joined at the booth by a couple other stellar students and had coffee and caught up before the lunch began.

Sherry Roath, Ryan M. Beshel:

Leading the ceremony was the Academic Directors, Student Affairs Administrators, the ILIAC Executive Committee and the Vice President of Academic Affairs--all present to recognize the achievements of each and every student at the event. After lunch, we all received a Certificate of Achievement...and an amazing piece of chocolate cake. (Side note: I have no problem being bribed with cake.)

It was truly a wonderful day to reflect on this amazing journey, both as individuals and as a fellow students. As I approach the last weeks of my college career I am excited, terrified, confident, and exhausted (and a million other emotions that race through my head until I slip into sleep). But, after walking out of the restaurant into the cool city air that afternoon, I felt proud. Proud that I have made it this far. Proud of the achievements of friends and fellow students. Proud to represent a school that I respect.

Many thanks go out to everyone responsible for such a winning afternoon and a congratulations to every student who continues to push forward and strive for success.



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The ceremony begins:
Jeffrey S. Allen, Ph.d.
Vice President of Academic Affairs:

Outside Rumba after the luncheon:

Sherry Roath , fellow honor student

The view from the front door of the Illinois Institute of Art:


Jennay said...

So proud of you've accomplished so much already and with your impending graduation you have such a bright road ahead of you! Congrats buddy, you've worked so hard and it shows!

twodons96 said...

I only wish I could have been down there to see you in person receive your award. I am so proud of you and your grand accomplishments in spite of many obstacles. You are almost there! Take good care! Love, MOM

Ryan M. Beshel said...

Thank Jen!
Love you so much and the appreciate the support! It keeps me going every day!

Love you!


Ryan M. Beshel said...


I am so grateful to have such tremendous support from you. You make it all worth it. Love you!

Don't you worry--one day you'll be living in a log cabin that I will build for you.. (p.s. I will not be actually building it, of course. But, I'll hire some talented carpenters to make it happen!)

-Ry ;)