Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An Evening at J. Mendel

Tuesday, December 1, 2009:
Chicago's elite gathered for an intimate evening at J. Mendel, 919 N. Michigan Avenue. The holiday'ed sidewalks were lit on this surprisingly beautiful night on the first of December. Inside the high-end fur and ready-to-wear boutique, guests sipped cocktails and tried on the glorious garments for themselves. The "Wish List" event brought out the best in Chicago, including the host of the evening, editor in chief of Michigan Avenue Magazine, Susanna Negovan.

Nadia (Kopenhagan Fur), Susanna Negovan (Michigan Avenue Magazine), Maggie Rei (J. Mendel)

I had the honor of assisting talented photographer and friend, Jeff Schear, as he photographed the beautiful people and mingled among the guests. (Check out the December issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine to see the ad Jeff shot for The Red Head Piano Bar with "Red Head Revue" winner, Megan Parker aka: Deirdre Doll.)

Garments from the current collection were worn by Chicago models, Marguerite Keefe and Angela Carroll. (These two women were really the lucky ones--with fabulous outfit changes every few minutes displaying the current collection to the swooning attendees.) Laurie Davis, (owner of Lulu's) was in attendance, alongside other fine Chicagoans including Lynn McMahan, Trevian Kutti, and Whitney Lasky (get the scoop on these gorgeous and driven "Surreal Housewives" here.)

Models, Marguerite Keefe (L) and Angela Carroll (R):

When the event came to an end, guests strolled down Michigan Avenue carrying a swag bag fit for a Chicago queen. Inside was a purple heart of fur, made by Kopenhagen Fur, the company that supplies the fine goods for the J. Mendel designs. I left as the event was ending and took the long way home for a stroll down Michigan Avenue. As I passed over the bridge approaching Wacker Drive, the soothing sounds of a saxophone filled the air and a thought came to mind: "I love this city." Another great event with Michigan Avenue Magazine and another gorgeous night out in Chicago...


p.s. I support faux fur, as well as the luxurious offerings at J. Mendel! Try H&M or Zara (both on Michigan Ave.) for some great faux finds...

Lovely ladies, including one of my favorites, Lynn McMahan: (R)

The beautiful Angela Carroll (L) and Marguerite Keefe (R)

Maggie Rei from J. Mendel describes the "Wish List" event and thanks the guests for coming:

Myself and one of my favorite models, Marguerite Keefe:

Bird's eye view:

Laurie Davis (L) and Susanna Negovan (R):

Angela Carroll (L) and Marguerite Keefe (R):


twodons96 said...

Wow, Ry! I love it! It's like being on the red carpet! You were looking quite dapper yourself-Love, Mom

Tim said...

Looks good man. Thanks for the shout out for faux fur at the end! Tim

Ryan M. Beshel said...

Thanks Mom--I had a blast!
Almost done with school!

Love you..


Ryan M. Beshel said...

Hey Tim!
Not a problem, I don't discriminate, I just want to give the news on these fabulous events!

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

omg i die ;)...loves all the fur! your so lucky!

Ryan M. Beshel said...

It was a great event!