Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sebastien Grey Clothiers: Exclusive Launch in HALO [FOR MEN] Salons

Thursday, January 20, 2011:
A while back, I received an email from Michael Corrigan, a friend and publicist for Zapwater Communications, asking for my address.  I was a bit intrigued, as Michael and I had not known each other very well at the time, but I was aware of his position (and hey - you never know what a well-connected publicist may send you.)  I shot him back the info he requested of me, went on with my day and forgot all about it - until a month or so later...  

I had just gotten home from the office and my roommate pointed to a package on my desk and said - 'That came for you.'  I picked up the package, which had been wrapped in thick brown paper and slowly peeled it open.  Inside, a long, skinny, flat black box was waiting with my name, address and 'Bowtie Memoirs' written on it in white.  (I had to take a moment and collect my excitement, as I had never received a package like this before.)  On the center of the box was a small piece of fabric ruler that held it tightly closed - almost hugging it shut.  I slipped off the ruler, opened the box, unfolded the wrapping tissue - and gasped.  Inside, was the super-coolest, most awesomest, triple-radical invite I had ever received.  (Apologies for the high school verbiage - but seriously, though.)  There were three small booklets with the words 'Sebastien Grey Clothiers' printed on them, full of information about the company that I had already started to fall in love with.  The booklet in the middle held a cuff-link and a metal collar-stay inscribed with the same words and printed simply above the cuff-link, was the time of the event and the address.  I immediately remembered Michael and insisted that this must be his doing - though, I wasn't completely convinced until I found out for sure.  
The infamous invite:
Now - I know you don't want to hear the story of an invite - you came here to read about the launch of a new brand, right?  But, I can't speak about Sebastien Grey without touching upon the time and attention that went into the invite, such a seemingly simple process.  This, my friends, is a perfect metaphor for what Sebastien Grey Clothiers stands for:  attention to detail and exquisite personal touches...
A small selection of the custom suits and casual looks from Sebastien Grey:
I arrived at the Loop location - 70 W. Madison - around 4:15p.m. on Thursday for the media preview (I was lucky enough to get in early to check out the bespoke brand before the public got their eyes on it.)  If that address seems familiar, it is no mistake, as Sebastien Grey Clothiers are located exclusively inside of Chicago's popular HALO [FOR MEN] salons.  I was greeted by Michael himself and got right to it - checking out the selection of suiting and the many choices that could be made.  HALO [FOR MEN] and Sebastien Grey work wonderfully together to give the full service that a stylish man wants and deserves.  It's simple, really.  Allow me to lay out the steps:

1.  Get a dashing haircut.  (Damn, you look good.)

2.  Get a consultation.  (You don't have to do this alone.)

3.  Pick out every detail that you want.  (You, are a man of power.)

4.  Come back in about four weeks for another haircut and a fitting, just to be sure.  (That custom suit hugs you in all the right places.)

5.  One to two weeks later - it's done.  (Who knew looking this good was so friggin' easy.)

There you have it, guys.  Can you say convenience?  
You can't go wrong with so many choices to choose from - be it the cut, the fit, the fabric, the color of the thread that wraps the button holes - you get the point.  Sounds pretty good right?  'Ok, Mr. Bowtie' - you may be asking yourself - 'so how much?'  Well, hold on to your hat - 'cause even that is customizable!  The prices are tiered, depending on the quality of the fabric and the first level starts at only $799 - for a custom suit!  (Insanity.)  From there - you can elevate the fabric quality, step by step until you are at $1099, then $1499, then $2000.  It really depends on what you want and how you want your suit to feel (and drape on the body.)  Now, I can talk all day about how great Sebastien Grey is, but you have to go and check it out for yourself.  I promise you wont be disappointed with the service and quality of these gorgeous threads.  In fact, the consultant I spoke with described the Sebastien Grey experience quite perfectly - she said, 'Our standard is the other suit-maker's upgrade.'  So, there you have it - exceptional service, exquisite fabrics and the perfect fit.  The only thing left to figure out is how you want your hair cut.

(Though, I have a feeling they could help you with that, too.) 

70 West Madison | Chicago, IL 60602 | (773) 486-4646
South Loop:
1351 South Michigan Ave | Chicago, IL 60605 | (773) 486-4646 
Lincoln Park:
654 West Diversey | Chicago, IL 60657 | (773) 486-4646 


Julie Darling said...

Love love your bullet points :)

Ryan M. Beshel said...

Love you, love your outfit! xoxo

-R.M.B. :)

Anonymous said...

Been there done that!

The service was terrible, I was rushed through the process, didn’t have time to make the “fine details” I was promised. Waited 6 week to get a suite that didn’t fit properly, jacket too short, floating collar, buttons at wrong position… They then took another week to fix it. A day before the fitting they call me that my appointment was double book and bumped me to a later time, I guess the other guy was a new customer and therefore more important. I picked up the suites, one was ehh, the other still didn’t fit, they didn’t even press them, they were all creased.

If you enjoy a finely tailored costume suite I recommend going to a real tailor who knows what their doing , these guys have no clue, very unorganized and amateur; $2K down the tubes. If you want to be the guinea pig for a new venture then this is the place for you!

Ryan M. Beshel said...

Sorry to hear that, Anonymous!

I guess every experience can't be perfection.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

-RMB (: