Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maven Presents "The Divo Series" - Honoring Successful Chicago Men

Tuesday, February 8, 2011: 
When I first received an email from Sarah Vargo (Maven, LLC), I have to admit - I was quite excited.  She stated that she was planning an event to honor successful Chicago men and that she had wanted me to be a part of it.  (Ok, I was more than excited -  I was downright tickled.)  The event, called 'The Divo Series,' was aimed at bringing together men who excel at their work in each of their respective industries.  Presented at the Foundation Room at Chicago's own House of Blues, the event was sure to be a solid night of networking, good friends and getting to know some of my fellow Chicago Divo's.  
The fabulous Sarah Vargo givin' all the lovin':
I arrived with some of my favorite people around 6p.m. and quickly found a comfortable spot in one of the Foundation Room's private areas.  I was pleased to have been accompanied by my boss, the Marie P. Anderson (Fashion & Beauty Director - Agency Galatea), as well as my lovely assistant Kate Jacobsen and good friends Amy Harper, Callie Greenwood and Katie Gallagher.  We quickly got to work chatting it up with the attendees and working the room.  Mr. Steve Starr (also a Divo!) was working his camera magic with that big Steve Starr smile.  Jason F.C. Laws (yep - a total Divo) and I hit up the bar and surveyed the crowd.  Tyler Curtis quickly 'camerambushed' (my new coined phrase for Tyler) us in our private room with his entourage (such a Divo.)  I ran into Benjamin Cottrell - another fellow Divo - and we caught up on conversation.  All around the room, men (and the ladies who love them) were enthralled in chatter and laughter - exactly what Ms. Vargo had intended, I'm sure.
(L) Jason F.C Laws, his gorgeous friend/business partner & Ryan M. Beshel
(R) Ryan M. Beshel & Steve Starr:
Before the night ended, I ran into a few of my favorite people, including Jessica Bergman, Fayshell Fajardo and Abby Zupancic.  The support of such great friends is really what makes me proud be in such a fantastic industry.  Knowing that people were there to cheer us on and share a drink or a conversation meant the world.  Many thanks to Sarah Vargo for planning such a great event and to everyone who came out to say hello and tip a glass.  I know that without all your love, I couldn't be the Divo I am today.

*snaps fingers and flips hair back*


Fayshell Fajardo and my amazing photographer for the night, Eddie Ellis:
Mikeya Summerville & Rodney Fox:
 Marco Foster, Fayshell Fajardo & Ryan M. Beshel:
 | ..special thanks to Eddie Ellis for the stunning images.. |

Other fine Divo's of the night included:

Anderson Bell - CEO and Founder of FanFueled Tickets
Steve Starr - Owner of Steve Starr Studios
Philip Jones - CEO/Co-Founder of Serious-Gourmet.com
Brian Burt - Founder/CEO - WebRev Marketing, President - Rock Star Auto Glass. Senior VP - The Burt Collection
Jeff Pieta - CEO of AIS, Inc. and Chicago Magazine Single 2009
Tyler Curtis - Creative Partner at Darkroom Demons
Lenox Magee - Editor-in-Chief of 360 Magazine, Blogger of "Lenox and the Second City" on ChicagoNow.com (owned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group), RedEye Freelance Writer
Ryan M. Beshel - Director of Runway at Agency Galatea and editor-in-chief of "The Bowtie Memoirs"
Benjamin Cottrell - Design Principal/Owner of Benjamin Cottrell Designs
Scott Newman - Owner/Broker at Newman Realty
Corey Sanford - Owner at Music Masters Entertainment
Rex Archambault - President of Windy City Marketing, Inc, Motiv8 and 3oclockclub.com
Mark Biery - Founder and Director at LTS Chicago (Live to Support Chicago)
Drew Dallas Deardorff - District Manager at Goorin Bros.
Nick Hansen - Owner of Nicholas Joseph Custom Suits
Jason F.C. Laws - Founder of Mister Laws - Creative Director, Commercial Choreographer and Movement Coach
Roderic Montrece - Publsher & Editor-in-Chief at Zeus
Travis Maciel - Director of Foundation Room at House of Blues
Tariq Khwaja -Managing Partner at American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Manager/Lead Guitar Player for the Chicago Rock Group: MUNROE and Owner - 5 Star Performances

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Nicki Brashear-Stylist and Fashionista said...

Well done! Congratulations to the well-heeled Divo's and Sarah Vargo for putting this event together.

Nicki Brashear