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The Holiday Hangover @ The Underground - Chicago

Thursday, January 13, 2011:
As the Director of Runway at Agency Galatea, I have the honor of representing so many talented fashion/runway models, (as well as working with stellar hair/makeup artists and wardrobe stylists.)  What you may not know, is that Agency Galatea is located inside of a very successful on-camera and voice-over agency called Grossman & Jack Talent that has been representing some of the best actors in Chicago for over 18 years.  To confuse things even more, there is another brand under our roof called G&J Models, which represents lifestyle/commercial models for advertising clients (as oppose to fashion or runway, like Galatea.)  Got all that?
In celebration of the New Year and the hard work that each and every one of our models and actors perform every day, we wanted to throw them a little soiree.  So - we did just that.  Lindsay Glickstein (On-Camera Agent - Grossman & Jack Talent) and myself worked our little butts off to plan a winter event that was both tons of fun and philanthropic.  To get the party started, we joined forces with Mr. Jon Landan (Director of Marketing - Rockit Ranch Productions) and Sofia Cristina (Marketing/Special Events Intern - Rockit Ranch Productions) and decided that The Underground - Chicago was going to be the place to host the event.  Lindsay decided that we would partner with a charity close to her and her family's heart called Becca's LEGacy to create a toy drive for the event.  Becca's LEGacy is a charity that fights to raise awareness about childhood cancer, raise funds for research to cure childhood cancer and collect new toys to give to hospitalized children with cancer.  We couldn't have been more thrilled to help.
(L): Lindasy Glickstein & Jeff Schroeder | (R): Jon Landan, Ryan M. Beshel & Andrew Landan
Once we had our venue and charity in place, it was time to find our liquor sponsor to really get the party going.  Enter:  Annie Skourup and Jim O'Connor - my friends from Apostrophe Brands.  Their generosity must be noted, as they hooked us up with a great spiced rum called Kilo Kai - which went over really well.  (Thank you, both!)  Once all that was squared away, it was time to complete the final aspect of our event:  the guest list.  With such a pool of beautiful talent, it was easy to fill the room with notable guests and stunning beauties.  One by one, the RSVP's came back - and before Lindsay and I knew it - we were decked out and ready to rock.
(L): Saba Solomon & Ryan M. Beshel | (M): Marie P. Anderson & Billy Dec
(R): Ryan M. Beshel, Todd Starr & Samantha Hicks
Finally, on the evening of Thursday, January 13 - the doors to The Underground opened at 8p.m. and the guests began to arrive, quickly filling the place up with contagious energy.  From wall to wall, the room was packed with friends and family of the agency.  Everywhere I looked, I saw smiling faces, people swapping smooches and hugs all around.  What can I say?  We had created a love fest.  The night rolled on and the Kilo Kai flowed and the dancing began.  Melissa Gonzalez, (Receptionist/Actress - Grossman & Jack Talent) was spotted juking her way across the dance floor (as usual.)  Katie Gallagher, Callie Greenwood, Heather Newman, Samantha Hicks and a few of my other best girls were spotted dancing on their seats and stirring things up.  Joshua Alexandre Haines (Alexandre Industries) was the tease of the night - flashing his tank top at me from across the bar (yeah - I'm calling you out, Haines!)  You getting the point yet?  We had a total, utter, complete blast.  
(L): Ryan M. Beshel & Melissa Gonzalez | (M): The Ladies on the Ledge 
(R): Joshua Alexandre Haines & Kilo Kai
When the party settled down, it was well after 1a.m. and we had collected nine huge bags of toys for Becca's LEGacy.  The event was one of the best we have thrown yet for the agency and we can't wait to do it again.  As someone who is new to the modeling industry, I am overwhelmed with the amount of love and support that each and every person who enters our office shares with me and one another.  It truly is a family and we stick together.  Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out that night to share a drink, have a laugh and give back to children with cancer.  It's each and every one of you that make me jump out of bed, excited to go to work every day.

Can't wait for the next one...



Thank you to everyone who brought a toy to support Becca's LEGacy!
For more information, please visit:
Kate Jacobsen (Intern - Agency Galatea) - for her constant hard work and guest list savvy.
'Ant Muggz' & SunnyLou Notario - for volunteering to work at our event with bright smiles and positive attitudes.
Dean Paul (Dean Paul Creative) & Vanessa Valdovinos (Vanessa V Photography) - for their amazing camera skills during our event and their quick turn-around post-party.  Thank you both x 1,000,000!

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See you next year, Chicago!

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