Monday, December 21, 2009

The December 2009 ILIA Portfolio Show

Friday, December 18, 2009:
After two and a half years of classes, plenty of nights without sleep and just enough energy to get through the day, the time had come for The December 2009 ILIA Portfolio Show! I had been working diligently all quarter to complete my work for the show. After many hours spent in a computer lab (and quite a bit of "change" spent on the materials) it was finally time to present my work to industry, friends and family.

The show began at noon and the Fall 2009 graduates anxiously waited at their respective tables for industry professionals to have a look at their work. Being one of those graduates, I was also poised and ready to share my experiences and knowledge with the pros that mingled my way. After three hours of talking with any interested parties, the room was open to the friends and family of the graduates. The first to arrive at my table was the lovely Darleen Saam, a friend of the family (and one of the Beshel's favorites.) It was nice to have a chance to catch up with Darleen before the rest of the family arrived.

Just after 3p.m., I began to nervously look around to catch a glimpse of any other Beshel's in the room (who, like me, are quite tall and easy to spot.) The first Beshel I saw was my Dad and I just about fell over when I saw him wearing a bowtie. (Side note: the last time I saw my Dad dressed up was, well, I'm not quite sure!) Following my Dad was my brother, my sisters, my step-Mom and my Grandparents--you guessed it: all wearing bowties! My Mom and my step-Dad showed up shortly after, and had also joined "the bowtie club." I couldn't believe that every person that came my way was sporting my most favorite neck accessory (and I must say, they all looked sharp.)

(L to R) Grandma & Grandpa Beshel, Dad, myself,
Sandy (step-Mom), Nicole, Eric and Shannon (siblings)

Before the show ended I had the chance to introduce my family to some of my favorite teachers and my good friend and mentor, Barbara Glass (who also showed up to meet the bunch.) Friends and fellow classmates came by to say hello and have a look at my work.

My good friend, the lovely Barbara Glass and myself:

It truly was an amazing day. I had completed a college degree and was surrounded by my family and most cherished friends. The support I have had over these past years has been priceless and having my family by my side was really all that I could have asked for to share the immense sense of accomplishment I felt that day.

Even now, as I sit and write this post, I am overwhelmed by all the love and support that so many of you have shown me. In return, I vow to keep moving forward with a sense of integrity and pride in everything I do. The lessons I have learned over the years will stay with me as I grow and the commitment I have made to myself to become everything I dream to be has only grown stronger.

The Graduate!:

I look to the future now with a sense of excitement and opportunity. I have found myself overcome with such an intense wave of freedom that I have never felt before. The possibilities are endless, the journey is unknown and I couldn't be more ready to move forward with my path in life. My college degree is my ticket to the success I will achieve and I'm ready to begin this journey into the future, one step at a time.

Thank you to everyone who showed up to support me Friday and a special thanks to my family for taking the time to join me on such a momentous day in my life.

I love you all...


R.M.B., The Graduate.

(L to R): Don (step-Dad), Mom, Shannon,
myself, Eric, Nicole (siblings):

My table display at the Portfolio Show:

Myself and one of my favorite instructors (and
personal mentor), Ms. Williams:

All smiles at the Portfolio Show:

Grandpa & Grandma Beshel and myself (in bowties!):

Don, myself and one of my greatest supporters, Mom:

The Beshel bunch!:


Jeff said...

good stuff! congrats and well wishes Ryan!

Ryan M. Beshel said...

Thanks buddy!

lynne Jordan said...

What a lovely post! Congratulations sweetie! Thanks for sharing your day with us and I love the family photos - the bow ties are wonderful - such love! I hope it keeps you happy for days to come!!

Tenisha said...

Congratulations Ryan! This is a wonderful post!

Julie Robenolt said...

Love the pics! I'm sooo proud of you Ry! Wish I could have been there for your big day. From what I hear, you stand above the crowd (and I don't mean your height). I can't wait to give you a big ol' hug on Christmas Eve! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

WoW!!!!! Job well done! You should be so proud and that is putting it lightly. Congrats and Best Wishes to you on your future.
Colleen Saam :-)

Jennay said...

Congrats Ryan! I'm so proud of you for following your dreams and not giving up....I'm sure it feels like it's been a long journey, but YOU MADE IT!! I can't wait to see what you cook up next.... :) :) :)


Ryan M. Beshel said...

Thank you all so much!
I know I say it a lot, but having your support and reading your words--keeps me going. Having this blog has been an opportunity for me to share my experiences with the people in my life. It has brought me closer to so many of you.

Love you all!


Vicki Beshel said...

Congratulations Ryan. What an exciting day that must have been for you. Wish Uncle Brad & I could have made it to Chicago.

Ray Frensham said...

Great display Ryan. Congratulations. Distinctive and classy (your show, yourself, your 'crew' and your whole approach).
Can;t wait to see what you do next....