Sunday, October 3, 2010

Qlix Is HERE (and there and everywhere).

September 22, 2010:
Over a year ago, I sat down to meet with a very motivated and talented woman, with a love for emerging fashion.  (A woman after my own fashion heart.)  We met at a Starbucks and she told me about a very special magazine that she was creating.  This was the first time I had heard about Qlix Magazine.  This creative format was one that I had never seen in any Chicago magazine - it was something fresh and exciting to our industry.  Tenisha Anderson was her name, and Qlix Magazine was 'her baby'.

Time had passed, we kept in touch and then I received an invite that made me clear my evening immediately.  It was the official (and very exclusive) launch party for the magazine's second issue.  I arrived early at JBar with Paige Peterson and Miriam Cecilia Carlson and was warmly greeted by Jada Russell - Owner & Principal Publicist for High Style Marketing (also a great friend of Tenisha's and event planner).  We sipped a cocktail, had a bite to eat and looked through Qlix while waiting to hear Tenisha speak.  As stated earlier, the format is much different than other magazines.  Instead of your typical format, Qlix is laid out like a series of posters and collectors cards.  This allows the reader a much different experience when reading, as well as a piece of art to keep for yourself (see below).
When it was time, Barbara Glass - a very special woman, blogger and great friend - took  a moment to introduce Tenisha and the magazine that she has poured her heart into.  Once complete, Tenisha - publisher/editor-in-chief/founder of the mag - told us of her passionate journey from Day One to today.  After tears were wiped away (by most of the crowd), the event resumed and the fabulous folks shared drinks, laughs and a bunch of hugs in celebration of this day and all the work that Tenisha has accomplished.
Barbara Glass, Tenisha Anderson & Jada Russell:
On a personal note, I want to thank Tenisha for inspiring our industry to push forward and create something that has never been done in our city.  Her persistence and drive is a testament to anyone who has a dream that they hold deep inside.  I am so proud of all the work that she has done - while never giving up - and I am honored to call her my friend.

Keep pushing, Tenisha!
We are all behind you.

Much love and positive energy,

Miriam Cecilia Carlson, Ryan M. Beshel & Paige Peterson:
 Photo courtesy of KIEFFER Photography

 Tenisha Anderson & Barbara Glass:
Photo courtesy of KIEFFER Photography

Ryan M. Beshel, Tenisha Anderson, 
Miriam Cecilia Carlson & Paige Peterson:
Photo courtesy of KIEFFER Photography

The event entrance at J Bar:
Photo courtesy of KIEFFER Photography
Please have a closer look at 
and continue to support the amazing work of Tenisha 
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