Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CS Magazine Presents: The Exclusive Calvin Klein & Carson Pirie Scott Pop-Up Shop

Thursday, September 30, 2010:
I arrived early with Julie Darling and Justin Meister at 116 West Hubbard Street for the VIP opening of the first-ever Chicago Calvin Klein pop-up shop.  We were greeted by the stunning Samantha Saifer - Director of Marketing for CS Magazine (the official media partner for the event) - who whisked us in to grab a drink and catch up.  The 1600 square foot space had been transformed into a hip shopping heaven, filled with the best of CK's threads.  The brand had partnered with Carson Pirie Scott to launch the week-long endeavor, open to the public the next day for perusing and purchasing.  
 Photo courtesy of Stuart Rogers Photography
Adorning the racks were fall looks for both men and women, hand-picked by Calvin Klein's Global Creative Director, Kevin Carrigan.  I had the opportunity to speak with Kevin for a moment to discuss the pop-up shop.  He was very proud of the venture, stating that the line featured in the shop was an advertising pull - meaning every piece you see in CK ads were made available in the shop for the public.  (Nothing is worse than trying to buy a garment from an ad, only to discover that the retailer doesn't carry it in that location!)  He went on to tell us about the planning for the shop and his involvement in designing the interior and merchandising the beautiful space.  Finally, Kevin shared with us some top secret information about future shop endeavors - which I must keep to myself.  Wouldn't want to anger the forces that be at Calvin Klein!  The event was an absolute blast and I was so happy to run into some of my favorite people, including James Goeke, Justin Jacobson (Platinum Events), Melissa Maynard De Kerch (Factio Magazine), Jenny Berg (BizBash), Agga B. (designer and stylist) and William Braggadocio (Men's Street Fashion - ChicagoNow) - among others!  I'm sad to say that the shop has now come and gone, but Chicago is full of fantastic places to find your Calvin's.  Unfortunately, you may not get to sip champagne while you try them on. 

Cheers, Chicago!


Kevin Carrigan:
Photo by Sebastian Biedron, Your Trendy Magazine
What's better than great shoes and CS Magazine?:
Photo courtesy of Stuart Rogers Photography
Justin Meister, Alia Rajput, Julie Darling, Ryan M. Beshel:
 Photo by Sebastian Biedron, Your Trendy Magazine
Buys for the Guys:
 Photo courtesy of Stuart Rogers Photography
Justin Meister, Julie Darling, Ryan M. Beshel:
 Photo courtesy of Stuart Rogers Photography


Jennay said...

Looks like a fun time! That leather jacket on the men's rack is totally screaming your name....just sayin'.

Ryan M. Beshel said...

Ugh - I totally agree! Send me a loan? Hehehe.. Miss you, love!


-RY :)