Monday, October 25, 2010

Borris Powell Runway Show - Spring/Summer 2011 - "Life of Two Fairies"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010:
The wind was whipping through the Chicago streets as Paige Ann Peterson and I reached the doors of the Drake Hotel for the Borris Powell S/S 2010 Runway Show.  We were a bit early, so we sat in the beautiful lobby and caught up for a bit.  Once it was time, we ascended the stairway to the Palmer Room to get a first look at the space.  We ran into Borris, who was trying to figure out last minute seating details (mine, to be exact.)  We said hello, wished him well and grabbed a drink at the bar.  The guests started to arrive and I said hello to the beautiful G&J Model and my friend, Jenner Evans (Obsessed with your glasses, by the way, Jenner!) - and was able to chat for a moment with the fabulous Abby Zupancic (Zzazz Productions), as well as Richard Gamble (Publisher - Chicago Magazine) and Melissa Gamble (Columbia College Chicago). 
Once the show was to be begin, I took my seat, grabbed my pen and waited in excitement.  The music began shortly thereafter as forest scenes with rivers and trees played on the back screen.  The first model appeared, 'fairy ears' and all, and the show was off to it's start.  Borris' theme, "Life of Two Fairies", was inspired by obsession with romance and was displayed through his collection in subtle details, as well as with his choice of models.  Simply put - according to, "The playful and romantic collection is inspired by a legend of two fairies falling in love despite coming from different backgrounds. The runway show [brought] the inspiration of the collection to life and [told] a tale of innocent love entangled by good and evil."
Borris Powell speaks before the show:
Borris designed a collection filled with details of fantasy - which could be seen in his patterns (leaves, vine-like prints, etc.) and his cuts (one mini trench, in particular, looked as if he had plucked it off of Tinkerbell.)  His color choices were also used to drive home his theme - featuring moss greens, deep purples, warm lemon tones and fiery red.  The fountain in the Palmer Room hinted at the sounds of a river running through and the gorgeous flowers that stretched their arms out over the fountain added a burst of life to his show.  He presented an array of looks - from trench coats, to fitted dresses, to voluminous cocktail looks - all the way to his final gown, complete with a train.  Borris has had the opportunity to present his collections in New York and London Fashion Week this year and I was honored to sit front row at the showing of his S/S 2010 collection, here in the finest city I know.

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Have a look at some of the Borris Powell S/S 2010 Collection:

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