Thursday, August 12, 2010

Islands of the World Fashion Tour

Tuesday, August 10, 2010:
I woke up Tuesday morning already excited for the day ahead of me.  Not only was it my birthday (yes - I had to add that in here somewhere), but I was thrilled that I had been invited to one of my favorite types of events - a fashion show.  But this show was a bit more special than your average, with collections from featured designers from 'The Islands'.  Fittingly named, 'The Islands of the World Fashion Tour', this group of designers was set to pack the house at Loft on Lake for a runway show presented by none other than Factio Magazine.  

I arrived after work at the agency with my trusty event side-kick and best bud, Paige Peterson, and we quickly ran into Factio editor-in-chief, Melissa Maynard De Kerch and her charming husband (and Publisher/CEO/Founder of Factio), Henrique Kerch.  We chatted for a bit, grabbed a drink and had our picture taken by one of my favorite photographers, Steve Starr.  The night was hosted by a handful of my favorite people; including Corri Mcfadden (eDrop-Off), Candace Jordan (friend, socialite, blogger), Kristen Fredricksen Skordilis (Koros) and Trevian Kutti (G'bani) - among others.  After catching up with everyone, we took our seats and prepared for the show to begin.  

We were treated with gorgeous collections from four talented designers, starting with handbags by Harl Taylor BAGS from the Bahamas, followed by designs from Nadya of Bali, K-Bobby from Jamaica, and Eric Raisina from Madagascar.  We had an amazing view of the show and I was able to film each collection for you to enjoy as well.  (Consider it a 28th birthday gift from me to you.)  Now, I'm off to the Bahamas!  Well - maybe next year... 



The runway is set:
The show begins...
Harl Taylor BAG - Bahamas:
A photo from 'Candid Candace':
Nadya - Bali:

Photo by James Gustin,
K-Bobby - Jamaica:

My friend, DJ Megan Taylor of Fig Deejay:
Eric Raisina - Madagascar:

Group shot!
Best Birthday, ever!


Anonymous said...


"THANKS MUCH" for sharing via "the eyes of Bowtie" your MEMOIRS of our designs on the Chicago Runway!

Hopefully and prayerfully, you will join US in The Bahamas come November!!! Come on down and "Let's CELEBRATE!!!!

May you be continuously blessed.

"Ms T"
Harl Taylor BAG

Ryan M. Beshel said...

So glad you enjoyed the post!
The show was fantastic...
Keep doing what you're doing and one day when I can afford to hit up the Bahamas - I'll be there to celebrate with you!

Great work last week!