Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saks Fifth Avenue Gets Cheeky!

Jessica Zweig, Michael Mason, Lynne Bredfeldt, Arturo Gomez,
Itika Oldwine, Marcus Riley, Julie Darling & Erica Bethe Levin:
Thursday, March 25, 2010:
Saks Fifth Avenue and CheekyChicago presented "The Cheeky People of Style" with a fabulous runway show to celebrate "Contemporary Week" at Saks. Chicago's most stylish showed up to support Jessica Zweig and Erica Bethe Levin, the beautiful duo behind CheekyChicago. On the runway, spring trends from Saks were shown off by Julie Darling (Julie Darling PR), Lynne Bredfeldt (Director of PR, Park Hyatt Chicago), Itika Oldwine (Harpo Studios), Arturo Gomez (COO Rockit Ranch Productions), Marcus Riley (NBC), and Michael Mason (James Hotel)--the "Cheeky People of Style".

The event was on floor 5 of the Chicago landmark and Julie Darling and I arrived to prepare her for the show. A sleek pink runway (that I could have swore was made of candy) was ready and waiting for the crowd and the models. Some of my favorite industry friends filled the rows including Kim Peiffer (NBC, Modern Luxury), Rachel Schwanz (Entertaining Company), Justin Jacobson (Platinum Events), Ben Soldinger (Cosentino Wines), Scott Johnson, James Goeke (Vital Bridges), Kelli Zink (, Meghan Turner (, Abby Dunn (Blast Marketing), Stacey Levy (Exhale Chicago) and many more. The runway presentation was hosted by the Cheeky girls and Saks Fifth Avenue's Director of Marketing, Julie Selakovic. They explained the looks we were going to see and introduced the chosen models of the evening.

The resulting show was an absolute blast and it seemed everyone in the room knew one another. Models interacted with the crowd and no one took themselves too seriously as they strutted their stuff for us. The after party at JBar was also a hit (thanks for the impromptu photo shoot, Amanda Puck!) We finished the night at Hub 51 for amazing sushi, nachos, and Cosentino wine with the crew. A really great evening with some really cheeky company.


I filmed some clips from the show so you could get in on the fun. Excuse the lackluster quality and my commentary! The looks were grouped into Work, Play, and Party. Enjoy!

Abby Dunn, Kim Peiffer, Stacey Levy, Julie Darling, & R.M.B.:

Lynne Bredfeldt, Itika Oldwine, & Julie Darling

Julie Darling & Rachel Schwanz:

Kim Peiffer, Stacey Levy, Justin Jacobson, & Kelli Zink:

Jessica Zweig, Julie Darling & Erica Bethe Levin:


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great to see you! looking forward to wednesday!

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