Friday, September 16, 2011

A Very Merry "Fashion's Night Out"

Thursday, September 8, 2011:
It can be said that anything Anna Wintour creates/endorses/promotes turns into fashion gold.  Well - I said it ... not sure if you agree - but seriously?  That women is a powerful fashion genius.  Moving on..

In New York - 2009 - Ms. Wintour (be polite - or she'll eat you) - started "Fashion's Night Out", "as a means to encourage consumers to shop and support the fashion industry during the tough economic climate." (wikifashion)  Now, just two years later, FNO is celebrated in over 250 cities (and in NYC alone, over 1000 retailers continue the new tradition.)  
This year - Chicago was no exception - with events popping up all over town to celebrate our love of fashion.  Michigan Avenue was buzzing with stylish fetes this year - as was Oak Street and so many other retailers across the city.  (In fact, the new TOPSHOP|TOPMAN opened to the public on September 8th - which Chicago clearly has a huge crush on already.)

I was honored to be able to attend The 900 Shops FNO event called "Fame, Fashion & Flavor: 900's Night Out" - which was hosted by ... waaaaaait for it:  THE Brad Goreski. *swoons - passes out - hits head - dreams of Brad - wakes up again to continue writing this post* ... Where was I?  Oh yes ... the event was also sponsored by my buds at CS Magazine, the wonderful women at Julie Watson Style, Gilt City, Fig Media (shout out to my favorite fashion DJ - Megan Taylor!), Event Creative, eDrop-Off (who had an amazing photo booth), Agency Galatea (so proud of my girls and guys!) and many other fantastic local businesses that gave their time, energy and services to make this outstanding event come to life.  
The result?  An absolute fashion success - and in my opinion - one of the best parties on the Avenue.  (Biased?  Maybe - but I don't lie - so that makes me right.)
(L) Brad & Paige Ann Peterson ... (M) Kelli Zink & Brad ... (R) Candace Jordan & Brad
Agency Galatea Guys and Girls with Brad Goreski:
 (L) Briana, Brad & Katie ... (M) Saba & Nick ... (R) Brad and Josh:
 (L to R - Back Row) Josh, Nick, Mike & Thomas
(Front Row) Julie Watson & Annie Barlow
Once my models had walked the runway and the event was settling down - I joined a group of friends to head over to support one of my favorite Chicago shops - Sofia Vintage on Oak Street.  We walked over (everyone looking dashing - like it was Fashion Christmas) to check out who was "Living Lovely" at 72 East Oak.  We arrived and were greeted by many familiar faces.  I ran into one of my favorite Chicago fashion photographers, Bryan Whitely - and then was thrilled to see the lovely Ciara Newby.  We went outside to get some air (Sofia was hoppin!) and ran into Mr. Ian Doran - who had just come from work at Jack Spade (lucky.)  The crowd outside was fantastic - such a mix of styles and conversations and handshakes.

As I departed for home, I decided to leave my headphones in my pocket and take it all in.  I strolled up Oak Street and then continued South on Rush.  Everywhere I looked, there were glimpses of fashion - like an entire city had taken an extra few minutes to put on something
special this evening. The city was buzzing with an energy that was quite different than any other day when I have walked these streets. I smiled as I strolled, a bit slower than normal - hands in my pockets, grinning like a child on Christmas morning.

Only - this was different - this was Fashion Christmas...

...and this perfectly stylish night was my gift.

Happy "Fashion's Night Out", Chicago.



P.s.  To check out my FNO interview with Chicago 3 Media, click HERE.   (:
Merry Fashion Christmas to ME.

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